Monday, April 30, 2007

Life with Lana today (9 months)

  • We've got a crawler!  Last Saturday afternoon, she finally quit rocking back and forth and took off.  She gets faster every day.  She was crawling around our room and got stuck under our bed - it was too cute! 
  • Just as our baby girl got over her latest ear infection, she got a stomach bug.  At first, we thought her diarrhea was just because of the antibiotics she was on, but then she started running a fever and throwing up and so we made a late-night trip to see Dr. Dirk.  It was only a 24-hour bug, though, so it ran its course pretty quickly.
  • Lana has been trying lots of new foods lately: pickles, toast, pear and peach yogurt, chicken and rice, lasagna, and others.  Her favorite so far is toast!  If she sees anyone eating a piece of toast, she crawls right over and fusses until you give her a bite.  She's going to be a bread girl like her mama and her great-grandmother, Mama Sue.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lana's 9 month check-up

Lana weighs 21 pounds, and is 29.5" long!  That, of course, still puts her in the 97th percentile for everything!  Dr. Dirk says she is doing beautifully developmentally, and that we have a perfect baby girl.  Here are a few more things we talked about at our visit:
  • We're dropping her last bottle of the night, so she'll be eating only at 8:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 5:00 p.m.  It's hard to believe she's on regular mealtimes.
  • He said we need to have her off the soothie by a year, so we're thinking we're going to get her used to this new eating schedule and then go cold turkey on the soothie.  Ouch.  Not looking forward to that.  She only takes it in her crib when she's going to sleep, but it's still not going to be fun.
  • She has been refusing pureed baby food lately, only eating table food that she can chew.  He thinks that's wonderful and says to give her whatever we're eating.  The only things she can't have are shellfish, peanut butter, honey, and eggs.
  • The strangest thing he said was to introduce her to whole milk in a cup, a little each day.  We've always thought you were supposed to wait until a year, especially since she's on Soy, but he says to go ahead and give her a little.
  • She has had 4 ear infections in the past month and a half, and she currently has one in her right ear.  We have to go back on May 4 for him to check it.  If it goes away and this is the last one she has for a while, he says we'll be fine.  But if we can't get rid of this one or if she has another one anytime soon, then we're going to have to see the ENT about getting tubes.
All in all, it was a wonderful visit and we were reassured that we have a healthy, thriving little girl.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Life with Lana today (8.5 months)

Lana has been doing and trying all sorts of new things lately.  Last week, she:
  • Ate her first table food: green beans!  Since then, she's had peaches and mashed potatoes.
  • Started snacking on big-girl snacks, like Gerber puffs and wagon wheels.
  • Got up on all fours and rocked herself back and forth.  She doesn't know how to go forward yet, though!
  • Learned how to drink from her new sippy cup.  Handles and a straw are the perfect combination for her.
  • Started pulling up on her Daddy's fingers and attempted to pull up on the first step of the stairs.
  • Tried to fall through the bottom of her high chair.  We went and bought a new one with good straps!
  • Went to her new school (Little Lambs Learning Center at Bayleaf Baptist Church) and practiced sleeping in the crib there.  Mommy prayed about it for days, and Daddy took her to nap there one afternoon, and she did!  She cried some, but she finally did nap!
She is growing so fast, it's hard to believe that she was once a tiny baby.  Lana has a busy week ahead of her.  We start on Tuesday at our new Mother's Day out program.  It's only 3 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday), which means Lana and I will have two weekdays at home together!  Hooray! 
Her new room is huge, and her teachers are precious, godly women.  Our biggest concern is that she naps well there.  While I finished my week at Primrose on Friday, Dan took her to Bayleaf for her afternoon nap, in the hopes that next week will be easier if she's already napped there once.  He said she fussed for a while and looked around a lot, but eventually went to sleep.  Please pray with us that she sleeps well there this week, that the crib will feel familiar and comforting to her when she lays down.

Sweet Home, Alabama (April 8-15, 2007)

Lana has had the most exciting, fun-filled week of her life here in Alabama!  Here are just a few of the fun things she did this week:
  • Laughed her head off at her cousin Jake 
  • Had lunch after church with some of Mommy & Daddy's favorite friends: Adam, Amy, Ella, and Ian Jimerson; Ben, Laura, and Piper Moore; and Brent, Margaret, and Emily Guidry.
  • Went to the Fairhope Park for the first time with both her cousins and her friend Piper
  • Went to 242 at the Bolton's and laughed at Cole (our friend Randi's little boy)
  • Had coffee early every morning with Nana and PawPaw
  • Held her new cousin Noah and cried when we took him away from her
  • Ate dinner at the Megginson's and got lots of love from Mrs. Sally, Mr. Mike, Lauren, Mrs. Kim, and the boys
  • Played with all the toys at Nana and PawPaw's house  
  • Went to Dauphin Island and spent the morning with her grandmother and great-grandmother
  • Fed the ducks with Sue Sue at the beach
  • Put her legs in the water at the beach - it was cold!
  • Had ice cream with Dr. Gober at Mr. Gene's Beans
  • Had lunch with Piper (and her mommy & daddy, Uncle Ben & Aunt Laura)
  • Got a lick of Uncle Brother's lemon head
  • Met mommy's friends Mrs. Pam, Mrs. Kateri, Mrs. Kris, Mrs. Joan, and Mrs. Debbie
  • Wrestled with cousin Jake - he pinned her! 
  • Took pictures at Mrs. Lisa's with her cousins and Piper.  Lana & Piper screamed their heads off in their picture together!
  • Rode on Jake's four-wheeler and horsey
  • Took a wagon ride with Jake
  • Had an Easter egg hunt at Uncle Brother & Aunt Nika's house
  • Played with cousin Jake
  • Tried a lemon - I hated it!
  • Spent time with GreatGrandaddy Davis & GreatGrandaddy Ruddy
  • Slept like such a big girl in her pack and play wherever we went
She did lots more things - this is just what we can remember right now!  Our child has laughed so much this week - what a blessing to what our little girl spend such joyful times with family and friends.