Friday, March 30, 2007

Life with Lana today (8 months)

Bye Bye!!!  Lana is waving bye-bye now.  Well, she waves backwards, and she only does it when she wants to, but she's waving!  It is the cutest little thing.

She is saying Da Da!  Dan is so happy, and it is the cutest little thing ever.  Lana and I were walking through Target, and she was saying "da da da da!" at the top of her lungs.  Everyone thought it was so funny! 

We've found the first food our child hates - green beans!  She has loved everything else we've given her, but she's just not a huge fan of green beans.  I admit, I tasted them, and they're not good.  Kind of grainy.

Just two more weeks until we're headed home - we can't wait!  Hopefully it will be beach weather in Alabama.  We cannot wait to see each of you.
Lana and her cousins Jake and Noah have matching Easter outifts that their Nana bought them to wear.  They are going to be so cute!  Lisa Brodie is going to take their pictures for will be the first pictures we've got of all 3 cousins together.
We found out this week that our dear friends April & Dustin Scott are having a baby boy - we are certain that he will be Lana's husband one day!!  Some of you will remember that Lana's due date was August 16 - so is Baby Scott's!!  We are so excited about this little boy; we are counting the days until we can see him showing in his mommy's tummy.
Dan & I will turn 26 this feels so old.  We're much closer to 30 than we are 18 - how did that happen?  We've known each other over a decade now, and it's hard to believe that the boy that took me to my first dance gave me such a beatiful baby girl.  What a wonderful life...