Sunday, February 25, 2007

Life with Lana today (7 months)

  • We're sleeping through the night again!  It must have been a little growth spurt, but we thought it was going to kill us!  Thank goodness she's back to her old self. 
  • Lana went to her first official playgroup last week.  It was at Mrs. Julie's house, and her friends Ethan and Christian were there, too.  It was so much fun, although she was sleeping through the first half.  We're going to have another playdate at our house next week!
  • We bought Lana a toothbrush and baby toothpaste.  I have a friend who is a dental hygenist, and she said we should already be cleaning those little teeth, mostly just to get her used to having something in her mouth.
  • Lana took her first bath in her big girl bathtub - she was so cute!  I put some pictures in the photo section...she looks like such a big girl.  She absolutely loved playing in the bubbles.  She got so excited one time that she leaned over and bumped her head; it made her so mad!
  • She also likes taking baths with Mommy sometimes...I can fill the bathtub with water up to her chest and hold her.  She loves it; she swings her little arms around under the water and kicks her legs as fast as they'll go.  It looks like she's trying to swim!
  • Our precious girl is already showing us her little temper.  She likes to tear off the butterfly's wings on her changing table mobile (they just pop off and pop back on).  Well, she got one off and Dan needed to put her arm through her shirt, so he took it away from her, and she got so mad!!  She screamed until he finally gave it back to her.  I see lots of spankings in her future!Surprised
  • Monday morning Lana starts going to preschool at Primrose School!  We are both going to take her and get her settled in, and then Mommy is going to work (just three doors down the hall!) and Daddy is going to class.  We'll leave at 1:30, in time for all three of us to play together for a few minutes and then for Lana to have her afternoon nap at home.  You can check out the school's website  It is a beautiful place!  We are very excited to be spending half days there.