Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Life with Lana today (6 months)

  • OK, so that new schedule maybe wasn't the BEST idea we've ever had.  Our happy little girl had turned grumpy.  She was also spitting up a lot more.  I thought it was just teething, but Dan suggested that we try going back to her old 3 hour feeding/3 naps a day routine.  I doubted it was going to fix the problem, but we gave it a try, and WOW!  We have our happy little girl back. At our house, it's "Father Knows Best!"  I'll feed her 5 times a day until she's 16 if she wants me to, as long as she doesn't whine like that anymore!
  • Back-sleeper no more!  Once Lana figured out she could roll over, she rolls right onto her tummy to sleep.  In the mornings when we come in to get her, she's on her tummy peeking up at us between the slats of her crib.  As soon as she sees us, she grins!  It's a lot of fun.
  • Lana has also decided she likes her "lovey" when she sleeps.  It's a little tiny silk blanket with a puppy dog head that we put in her crib with her.  She will rub it while she's going to sleep, and in the mornings we'll often catch her holding it by its ears and "talking" to it while she waits for us to come get her. 
  • Now that she's rolling, she is really rolling!  We can lay her down in the floor in the living room and within minutes she'll have rolled all the way down the hall to the kitchen.  It's great fun to watch her, although I'm realizing I'll never again be able to lay her down and have her stay in exactly the same place.  Check out the photos page for a few photos of her rolling all over the place.
  • Lana has discovered my hair...she is fascinated with it!  She likes to look at it, and she'll reach out and run her fingers through it really gently.  She only pulls it when she gets really excited; mostly she likes to just play with it.  Our friends J & Tracy have little boys who play with Tracy's hair, and I've always thought it was so cute: maybe Lana will do it, too!  (Although Tracy swears that it gets old after a while. Smile
  • Despite most of your optimistic predictions on our poll, our little chubby girl is not sitting up on her own yet!  She can't quite get the hang of balancing herself upright.  We try to practice every day, but mostly she just falls right now.  It's hard to believe she'll ever sit up by herself, but we'll see!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Life with Lana today (5 and a half months)

  • We are rolling!  Lana surprised us one night when we went in to check on her before we went to sleep, and she was sleeping on her tummy.  She had rolled herself over and was snoozing!  Now she's rolling all the time.  We're having to be much more careful when she's on the changing table, couch, etc.  And we've learned that our little girl doesn't gradually learn to do things.  One day I'm wondering if she'll EVER _____ (fill in the blank: roll, sit up, bat at objects) and the next day she's doing it completely.  She's such a funny kid. 
  • Lana thought the snow was fun at first, but she didn't love being layered up.  She got gradually more fussy as we played outside, until she was finally wailing.  As soon as we got her inside and stripped all those layers off, she grinned!  Laughing
  • God answered my prayers when he gave me a baby with Dan's personality: laid back and relaxed!  (I knew I didn't want a little one as high-strung as I am!)  Well, our chill little baby has recently become intolerably whiny and fussy.  We can't put her down for a minute.  She usually loves being in her exersaucer or jump and go, but now she is whining unless we're holding her.  Other moms are telling me that it's probably because she's teething and that it is just a phase.  I hope they're right! 
  • We have an outside baby!  During this fussy period, we've learned that the ONLY thing that will calm her down is taking her outside.  She just loves it!  We've put a bird feeder on a tree in our "backyard," and we've got all kinds of birds coming to feed.  She could watch those birds for hours.  It's really neat.
  • Lana is now realizing that when she can't see us, that means we're not there!  We can lay her down in her crib and she'll smile and laugh, but as soon as we walk away, she screams at the top of her lungs.  It's almost comical!  We'll duck down beside her crib, and she'll scream until we pop back up.  She doesn't care much for peek-a-boo anymore!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Life with Lana today (5 months)

We gave Lana her first taste of rice cereal on Thursday, January 4th.  She made the most wonderful face and then spit it back out at us!  We kept trying, and she's decided it is yummy!  She sometimes forgets how to swallow and tries to suck instead, but she knows what to do with that spoon.  If I'm not giving it to her fast enough, she'll grab my hand and try to put it in her mouth.  

We arrived in Wake Forest, NC on Saturday, December 30th!  Lana has adjusted well; she fell right back into sleeping through the night and NOT sleeping during naps!  Everything's back to normal...Laughing

  • Lana's dreadlocks are falling out!  We had decided to cut them out once we got here, but we found them in her crib the first morning we were here.  The back of her head looks much better!
  • We've found a pediatrician here.  We're going to see Dr. Dirk (the doctors in this practice go by their first names) for Lana's 6 month check-up on Wednesday, January 31st.  Although we wanted to take her to the same GP we're going to see, this group of pediatricians comes highly recommended by the moms in Fletcher Village (where our new home is located), so we're going to give them a try.
  • Lana is learning to enjoy lots of new things: her exersaucer, her Baby Bjorn, etc.  It's almost like she's figuring out that the world is here for her to enjoy!