Monday, October 30, 2006

Life with Lana today (3 months)

I can hardly believe my daughter is 3 months old; it seems like just yesterday I was carrying her in my tummy. She is growing everyday -- and I mean that literally! She is the most darling little roly-poly. Her personality is emerging and it it so neat to get to know her. She is now sleeping from around 10:30 to 7:30 in the morning. We've started letting her cry it out at nap time, and she's becoming a good napper now, too. She doesn't seem to go to sleep as well when we're rocking her now; she wants to stretch out and get comfortable. She loves watching lights, moving things like fans and mobiles, and listening to us talk or read to her. She hates being cradled like a baby in your arms - she wants to be on your shoulder and you patting her back! What a funny girl we have...I am so in love with this tiny little thing. I don't think I knew what it really meant to love someone so much you would die for them until now.