Wednesday, December 20, 2006

218 Maplewood Loop

This is the first house that Dan & I bought together.  

We love it.  It'll be hard to say goodbye.

We have put so much sweat equity into this house: painted every interior wall at least twice, laid hardwood floors, stripped wallpaper, built a deck, sodded the yard, replaced the front door, landscaped.

While living here, we:
each earned a degree.
had a baby.
got our first real jobs.
took our first ministry position.
fell in love with a group of teenagers.
got to know our friends better.
made lots of mistakes.
loved a lot.
played more board games than you can count.
cooked thousands of meals.
learned some hard lessons.

This is our HOME...yet we've been reminded that it's a temporary dwelling.  

It's sold. 
Not ours anymore.

Goodbye, Lake Forest.
Hello, Wake Forest.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lana's first stay in the hospital

We just arrived home from Lana's first hospital stay.  Cry  

Last Friday we took Lana to Dr. Kirkland for her 4 month well baby checkup.  She felt fine; just a teeny bit stuffy.  Her ears were clear, her lungs were clear -- she felt fine!  

Saturday she kind of felt a little yucky, and by Sunday she was miserable and would not stop crying.  We took her to the doctor Monday morning, and found out she has a double ear infection and she tested postive for RSV (which is a parent's worst nightmare; it can cause acute respiratory distress).  Dr. Kirkland immediately admitted us to the hospital.  Luckily we caught it in the earliest stages, so they did not have to put her on oxygen.  

She got regular breathing treatments to get her oxygen saturation levels up, and they put her on steroids and an antibiotic.  They finally got her oxygen saturation levels up high enough to send us home today.  She is still very uncomfortable, but she has the best little temperment.  She tries to smile and play, but sometimes just can't help but cry.  It seems like she's starting to feel we've just got to work on getting mommy and daddy feeling better!  We've only had 3 or 4 hours of sleep in the last 3 days.  Thanks to all who prayed for us...we so appreciate those who want to come visit, but the doctors are recommending no visitors for two weeks. 

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Life with Lana today (4 months)

Lana is now four months old, and she is truly sleeping through the night.  We give her the last bottle at 8:00 p.m., put her directly in bed, and we don't hear a peep from her until 7:30 the next morning.  We feel like real people again!  She's quite an opinionated kid (which, if you know her mommy at all, is not hard to believe).  She hates tummy time but loves playing peek-a-boo.  She hates being strapped in her car seat, but loves watching us make silly faces at her in the mirror!  She has started trying to roll over, but we haven't had any success yet.  She is sitting up really well in her Bumbo seat.  She is definitely an observer -- she watches everything very intently, but she has no interest in grabbing things.  We can't wait to see what next month holds; she is changing so quickly.

    Monday, October 30, 2006

    Life with Lana today (3 months)

    I can hardly believe my daughter is 3 months old; it seems like just yesterday I was carrying her in my tummy. She is growing everyday -- and I mean that literally! She is the most darling little roly-poly. Her personality is emerging and it it so neat to get to know her. She is now sleeping from around 10:30 to 7:30 in the morning. We've started letting her cry it out at nap time, and she's becoming a good napper now, too. She doesn't seem to go to sleep as well when we're rocking her now; she wants to stretch out and get comfortable. She loves watching lights, moving things like fans and mobiles, and listening to us talk or read to her. She hates being cradled like a baby in your arms - she wants to be on your shoulder and you patting her back! What a funny girl we have...I am so in love with this tiny little thing. I don't think I knew what it really meant to love someone so much you would die for them until now.

    Saturday, September 30, 2006

    Life with Lana today (2 months)

    It's amazing the difference a few weeks make!  Lana is now sleeping through the night -- well, 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., but we think that definitely counts!  She is on a prescription medication for constipation, and she is a much happier girl.  She sleeps very well when swaddled, so we're swaddling her for naps and at night.  She is really smiling and cooing now.  She belly-laughed one time while she was sleeping, but she hasn't figured out how to do it awake.  We are really becoming a family of three....

    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    Life with Lana today (1 month)

    Lana is on a great schedule already!  She eats every 3 hours, and during the night she stretches it a little longer.  Her last feeding is around 9:30 p.m., she wakes again around 2:00 a.m. to eat, and then again at 6:00 a.m.  We are still staying pretty close to home because she is having trouble with constipation and it makes her pretty fussy.  Dr. Kirkland put her on Milk of Magnesia, so hopefully her tummy will feel better soon!

    Sunday, August 20, 2006

    Lana's birth story

    A short, very incomplete summary of our birth story with Lana:

    Rachael had a perfectly healthy pregnancy, and her water broke at 37 ½ weeks. 

    We went into the hospital expecting a normal delivery. Labor did not progress well; she had to have pitocin and still labored throughout the night and most of a day. She went without pain medication until she began running a very high fever. 

    She had the already-present infection (chorioamnionitis) and contracted another infection during delivery. 

    Her fever became dangerously high, and Lana began running a fever. 

    As the doctors were preparing for emergency c-section, Lana began to crown, and Rachael delivered her without surgery. 

    We thought this was the end – it was just the beginning. 

    Because of the infections, Rachael’s uterus was weakened and did not contract. She hemorrhaged and bled out, literally losing half of her body’s blood volume in minutes. It was a crisis situation. 

    Thankfully, the nurses and doctor made good choices quickly and saved her life. She underwent two blood transfusions, and many, many rounds of IV antibiotics. 

    However, her fever lingered on; for almost 2 weeks we stayed in the hospital. The doctors called in specialists – measures such as a DNC or flight to UAB were discussed. In the end, God very clearly stretched out his hand and healed Rachael, and we were all able to go home.

    Friday, June 30, 2006

    Our wishes for you, Lana

    My wishes for you, Lana:
    Daughter, I pray every day that you become a woman after God's own heart.  I pray that you become a mighty warrior for His kingdom, and that you become a woman of strength and comfort for others.  I hope you live passionately, finding joy in the world around you each day.  And most of all, precious daughter, I pray that you always walk boldly in the knowledge that you are truly a princess...a daughter of the King of kings.
    Love, Mommy

    My wishes for you, Lana:
    Lana, I join your mother in prayer for your eternal salvation.  I know God has a special plan for your life.  He has set you apart to do great things for His kingdom and I'm excited to be the man God has chosen to raise you to be a woman of God.  You have already blessed your mom and I in so many ways.  I can't wait to see how you change the world.
    Love, Daddy