Tuesday, November 14, 2017

M.E.S.S. Hall Field trip with Tucker!

Today I got to join Tucker's class at the MESS Hall for a field trip.
We had such a great time!
MESS stands for Math, Engineering, and Science Stuff,
and it's such a fun place to visit.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Pause your book, please.

One of my favorite Tucker-sayings is "pause my book."

That's what he calls it when he has to stop reading, so he folds down a corner to save his place.  
"I'm coming, just let me pause my book first."
Now it's what we all say when we dog-ear our books - 
so cute!

Thursday, November 9, 2017


Tires are a funny thing.
We ride around on them every day,
sometimes all day,
but rarely do we think about them.
Until one morning your neighbor calls
on his way to work,
and tells you that one of those tires is flat...
and closer inspection by your husband
reveals that the flat is probably the fault
of a bent rim which is probably the fault
of the driver hitting a curb.
(which the driver is known to do from time to time.)
And your husband is so patient and kind
that he doesn't even fuss at you too much
about that bent rim;
he just goes about figuring out how and where
to get it replaced.
And while he's at it,
he notices those tires looking a little worn,
so he takes them to the dealer
to have them rotated.
And your husband looks just a little closer,
and notices that something doesn't look quite right.
Those tires are just a little worn on the outside,
but they're a lot worn on the inside
and he and the mechanic look, together,
really closely
and realize that those tires are a disaster
waiting to happen,
on the inside,
where you couldn't see by just looking
the rubber is splitting in several places
the tread is actually separating from the tire
the tire is worn bald on the inside
the blowout was imminent,
and once one blew,
it was likely that the tire shrapnel
would have impacted the other tires
that were in not-so-good shape either,
causing them to blow,
and then we would have had a really big problem.
a dangerous one.
but we wouldn't have known until it was too late,
if it wasn't for that dented rim
and that flat tire.
This is a really long story,
but it's rolling around in my head,
all the implications of this tire....
the fact that minor inconveniences
can surely be blessings in disguise
that fact that if I hadn't dented the rim
we wouldn't have gotten the flat
and we wouldn't have known about
the tire damage we couldn't see
until it was too late
(would too late have been when I was going down the interstate at 70 mph with my babies tucked in the backseat?)
the fact that so many times
our lives look just fine on the outside
but on the inside we are wearing away
coming apart at the seams
but no one knows
because no one can really see
and sometimes we end up with a bent rim,
a slow leak,
a little flat
that seems like no big deal
but maybe it's a warning sign
of a bigger thing going on
maybe, just maybe, our dings and flats and dents and slow leaks aren’t something to be ashamed of
but instead warning signs for us to slow down and take a closer look at what’s going on
inside of us
inside of the others around us
and I want to be the kind of person who sees the signs that others are showing, the wear and tear of the daily grind, and reaches out to do a little closer inspection of what's happening on the inside, in the places that are hidden
We do this, don't we?
We ride around down the roads,
through the days,
looking just fine on the outside,
but on the inside
maybe we're having a come-apart,
maybe the damage is far worse than we let on,
maybe the problem is far more significant
than the casual observer might notice
and like tires,
it's sort of exhausting to figure out what the real problem is
it takes a lot of time
and it's really expensive
and we'd often rather just patch the flat
and keep on moving,
taking the chance that maybe we won't blow out
but it's just too dangerous to go riding around
on tires that are splitting apart at the wheel,
with a heart that's coming apart at the seams.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Round here

Lots of fun times happening for Team Davis in the past month or so!
Every month or so, I try to take the random pics off my phone, 
and remember the little moments that are happening.

Our study ministry had a big bonfire and hayride - 
Lana had a blast with her friends.
I can't believe she's old enough for things like this!

Pepper loves Colter - 
she acts like this every time he walks through the door!

The kids stayed home from school one day last week,
and we enjoyed some time relaxing outside.
Tucker did an "experiment," and Lana did some chalk art.


Upward Basketball started last week, 
and Tucker is excited to be playing again.
Lana is playing JV for her school team,
so her games start at the end of the month.

We are still loving our back porch renovation,
especially when we have a bit of cooler weather.
I think Pepper is loving it best of all!  Ha!

The Trailblazer has been good to us for over 10 years,
but it was starting to fall apart.
So this beach family replaced it with a jeep!
We are loving rides to school so much more!

Any time with the Scotts is good time - 
I love that they wake up wanting to play games together.  
So precious.

From time to time, we'll have someone ask about Pepper's eyesight.
It is well and truly gone, although if you didn't know it,
you might not be able to tell.
She uses her nose and ears to compensate so well.
And she's clearly enjoying a life of privilege:

She can still tree a squirrel, blind or not!

Our little hamster Pipsqueak is doing well, too.
He loves sitting on our shoulder and hanging out with us.
Such a funny little thing!

We are loving SEC football, 
and you can find us on most Saturday nights like this -
with tons of snacks and appetizers + the game on.

We usually put the kids to bed at halftime during night games,
but sometimes the big sister gets to stay up and watch later.
Melt my heart.

These 2 cuties were accidentally twinning one Sunday morning!

I love 8 years old!
He left his Lego man to stand guard in my car one night at basketball practice.

When Breanna Weidlich babysits,
fun things happen!

Speaking of sweet Breanna,
she hosted a Savvy Minerals makeup class at her house for her friends,
and we had so much fun!
What a precious group of young women.

We are still beaching it,
right into November!  I love it!

Pensacola's art festival was downtown this past weekend,
and these umbrellas were hung as an exhibit.  So lovely!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Team Davis to Spanish Trail!

We love our church!
Dan has been the Connect Pastor at our 9 Mile campus for the past 3 years,
and we have loved ministry there so much!
Hillcrest has been a healing, comforting place to me in many ways,
and I'm so deeply thankful that the Lord brought us here.

Just as we were arriving 3 years ago, our church was taking part in a revitalization effort at a sister church across town.  That has since become a satellite campus for our church - Hillcrest Spanish Trail.

Our dear friend David Wiggins and his family have been serving at that location for these 3 years, and now their family is headed to the field, so we needed a campus pastor to care for that congregation and reach out to the surrounding community.

Yesterday, we announced to both locations that Dan will be filling that position.

We are so honored and thrilled to continue to serve Hillcrest this way.
We know and ADORE the staff at that campus,
and the people there are SO warm.
They gave the announcement a standing ovation yesterday - so precious!

We are thrilled to join them in ministry,
and it's so clear to me how the Lord has been preparing our family for this.

Clearly, God has been equipping Dan to move into this position.
I could recount dozens of ways that I've seen him grow in wisdom & maturity,
dozens more ways that I've seen him exercise excellent leadership for the Body.  He will fit right into the team over there, and I'm excited to get to be a small part of that team with him!

And on top of that, we can see how the Lord has been moving our family that way.  The children changed schools about 2 years ago, and their new school is just a couple of miles away from that campus.  This year, I'm not teaching at the sweet little school right around the corner.  God has clearly been freeing us up from this side of town, long before we even knew that the Wiggins would be moving.  It's so abundantly clear to us that this is the path we are to walk in, so here we go!